Sunday, December 28, 2008

You wear your ruins well

I was sitting in the back yard of a friend of a friend’s house when my left foot felt funny. It actually had room to move. This is unusual seeing as the shoes I was wearing were half a size too small for my feet. When I saw these vintage red with silver shoes at the Camberwell market, I fell in love with them. Even though it’s a bit of a squish, they are my favorite shoes by far. When I realized that my foot was not constricted I was surprised to notice a hole in the toe. That hole then grew to about the size of an inch. Some masking tape then saved me for a few minutes till the whole back heel peeled off. I was still able to wear the shoe dispite it making me sound as if i had been shot in the leg and was dragging my wounded limb behind me.
Perhaps putting holes in the things I love is some sort of sign. Everything does happen for a reason.

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