Tuesday, October 7, 2008

She says: "Baby. It's 3 am I must be lonely"

I set my alarm to three am on the morning of the first day of school. I quickly rolled over and turned my alarm off so to not wake up the hairy man, who I discovered was actually snoring at the top of his…lungs(?). I was assured that he wouldn’t have heard it over the billowing sound he produces as I can hear it from down the long hall if I do not shut my door at night. So with my father drowning out the sound of the alarm I was also safe from my mother, who I admire for being able to sleep in the same room as him with out going completely insane. “The next train to depart from platform 1 will be the 3.07 Kitchen, running express to Toilet then Hand Basin and then stopping all stations to Kitchen”. I poured myself some apple juice and raided the cupboard for something to eat. The Healthy Choice: A muesli bar covered in chocolate and three pieces of cooking chocolate. I stuffed my food choices in my pocket of my jacket that I will never grow into and headed back in the direction of my room. As I sit here staring at a blank word document (which is now filled 1/3 covered in words due to the fact I am typing this) I keep kicking myself over the fact that I really should have forced myself to do my English piece last night. That’s right, three weeks to write 500 words and I had to wake myself at three am on the first day of the last term of the year. Could I be any more stupid? The answer is, yes. I now have realized that I have no idea where the sheet that has the information required to compleate this English task has gone. I now have no motivational food (as I ate it all) and no sheet to tell me what to write. My magical plan of finishing my English piece before fourth period today just failed. Fortunately it was not as badly as this poor fellow.

Hopefully he managed to save that nicely patterned umbrella he is holding. Seeing nice umbrellas on a unpleasant day definitely brightens up my mood.

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