Sunday, March 29, 2009

Can’t Seem to Shake the Shade

Monday, March 23, 2009

Gimme Gimme Oars

Hands clenched, arms outspread in front, vertical shins with chest to knees. Inhaling turned into burning sensation in my throat and all the while I could hear cheering coming from all directions. With one final push of my already exhausted legs and pull through of my weak arms, a beep was heard. The sound of crying bled through the speakers of the boat as we sat there motionless for a moment. For two of us in the boat, this indicated the end of an era.

It started out in year 9 when a girl stood up and told the year level of a new sport being offered to the school. A soon as we were able, girls rushed to the notice board to scribble their names into one of the 10 spots given to those who wanted to row. From there, the 8 girls that didn’t drop out at the thought of being on the river for a 7:30 start on a Saturday morning, became part of the inaugural rowing crews. As well as learning about this new sport, it allowed me to make new friends and each session would result in coming off the river laughing about a new thing we had encountered, such as a breaking of an oar, running into the boat of one of the boy school or yelling abuse at the speedboat that splashed water into out boat.

Now, three years on, our team of 10 has turned into a team of 46 girls and knowing that I helped the beginning of something that’s going to continue to grow, and not being apart of it, is a weird sensation. For the remaining eight girls who stuck through all three years, as much as it is a relief knowing that they won’t have to wake up at 5am ever again, or go to frustrating fitness sessions with Nevil, I know that they’re going to miss the sport…and I'm going to miss my figure.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hanging Around Town

The steps where we were sitting we’re softly illuminated by the light from the garage. His white-dirty-drawn on-converse shoes found a place on either side of my red vintage shoes while his arms found their place around my waist. We talked about the times we spent years ago and how we hadn’t seen each other in what seemed like forever. I held up his cigarette so he could take a final drag, then took one for myself before putting it out on the bricks. He said something odd so I turned around to find his face so close to mine. For that moment, two old friends lost themselves in eachother. It didn’t matter that that the entire backyard seemed to be was yelling our names, we just smiled at each other.


Friday, March 6, 2009

It's Right Till First Light

I have 15 spare classes each week at school, most of which are highly unproductive. Occasionally i steal the colourful woolen string from out of the cupboard from outside the year 12 coordinators office and make bracelets for my friends, or i try and distract a friend who's actualy trying to do work during spare. Today I killed two birds with one stone and distracted two friends from their work. We started talking about shoes, then about fashion, then one thing lead to another and we were (once again) talking about the formal. One friend then proceeded to work out how many shopping days we have to find our ideal formal dress. 30 days. Not including Friday night shopping or long weekends. I feel like i should almost be stressing!
This Alexander Wang dress comes fairly close to the ideal dress that I imagined myself wearing, except the black would be purple. And I'd wear these Dior heels if they were more of a darker purple...and if they didn't cost over $2000.

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She Spoke of Germaine Greer and Friedan

Maise. Autumn/Winter '09 collection

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Smiling Eyes

I want to go on a road trip towards the coast,
and i also need a new pair of amazing bathers and some warm weather.

Bring back summer!
Source: Jonathon Leder