Friday, March 6, 2009

It's Right Till First Light

I have 15 spare classes each week at school, most of which are highly unproductive. Occasionally i steal the colourful woolen string from out of the cupboard from outside the year 12 coordinators office and make bracelets for my friends, or i try and distract a friend who's actualy trying to do work during spare. Today I killed two birds with one stone and distracted two friends from their work. We started talking about shoes, then about fashion, then one thing lead to another and we were (once again) talking about the formal. One friend then proceeded to work out how many shopping days we have to find our ideal formal dress. 30 days. Not including Friday night shopping or long weekends. I feel like i should almost be stressing!
This Alexander Wang dress comes fairly close to the ideal dress that I imagined myself wearing, except the black would be purple. And I'd wear these Dior heels if they were more of a darker purple...and if they didn't cost over $2000.

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