Thursday, October 16, 2008

You might have to plan for the weekend wars

This weekend will fly by me like a flock of geese migrating for the winter.
Friday night I’ll try and dress my finest (without the black clutch bag I need to make my outfit *tear*) to accompany my male friend to a formal on the other side of the city. Then to party ‘till the early morning while my feet get red and sore from the heels that are .5 of a size too big for me.
Early morning wake up call so I can chuck on my lovely pin striped black pants, blue shirt and vest with name tag. I'll serve people popcorn, post-mix drinks and ice-creams in the brand new facilities at Shoppo for seven hours and fifteen minutes.
Repeat Saturday’s routine but add an extra hour and fifteen minutes onto the previous day’s shift.

When in this lovely weekend *chokes* will I have time to study for the 6 exams that are coming up in less than a months time? When will I have time to read over my entire Legal unit 3/4 book so that I don’t fail the only subject in which the score actually matters? When will I have time to finish off my Art portfolio and final pieces that aren’t even close to being completed, or the art assignment we haven’t even received yet? Tell me, when am going to enjoy the company of my friends (except the one male on Friday night) without being half asleep/dead so I don’t break down in a crying heap due to the fact that there’s just too much going on and no time to do anything? Not that I will be allowed out this weekend to see my friends, but there’s always the window if time calls for desperate measures.

If somehow this singlet top end up in my hands by the end of this weekend (very very highly unlikely) I wont complain about how unfortunate my extremely privileged lifestyle is for a prolonged period of time.

photocredit: icanteachyouhowtodoit

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