Thursday, October 23, 2008

All the girls and boys makin' all that noise

When my locker lock, along with 100+ others, disappeared sometime last week (which I would not have noticed if someone had not told me as I never use mine) it was blatantly obvious that it was evil doings of the year 12‘s. When all the clocks went missing from every classroom in the school, it was clear that this was also done by the year 12’s. On Wednesday it would be clear as to what they had done with these objects.

Tuesday was causal clothes day. I walked into school 20 minutes late and noticed a girl walking around in a Camberwell High uniform. On closer inspection I recognized the face. The face was one of a girl in the year level above mine. Totally confused about why a year 12 at my school was in another schools uniform, I continued making my way to the shared 11/12 locker room. As I walk in I notice a group of year 12 girls standing around the lockers chatting away and they were all wearing uniforms that didn’t belong to them. As I laughed quietly in my head (because I’m still not comfortable around most of the year 12’s) I became totally psyched for the muck up day coming up. It was also extremely entertaining at lunch time when the girls dressed as Xavier boys fetched a wheelie bin and tried to re-enact the wheelie bin incident. Unfortunately a teacher saw them and stopped them from carrying out the skit.

Walking through the school gate on Wednesday, that had by then turned into a massive glad wrap barrier, I witnessed the stolen objects hanging by string off the second story balcony of the school. The year 12 girls were running around drawing on girls faces with zinc in school uniforms that they had transformed to create costumes for their Disney theme. The usual abundance of condoms, sanitary tampons and pads were displayed around the school along with copious amounts of shaving cream and toilet paper on the trees, bushes and walls. All electrical appliances in the Senior Center were wrapped up in glad wrap with the words “I LOVE YEAR 12” written across them. One classroom was Halloween themed with all the walls black and the table set up like how i would imagine Dracula would like it. At the head of the table was a framed picture of the school principle on the body of a fat man in a suit with fangs comming out of her mouth. Another had been coved top to bottom with news paper, including the tables, chairs, mug, pencil and tissue box. Year 12 of ‘08 did a pretty decent job, but I’m sure class of ‘09 will be better.

My most memorable muck up day experience was in year 8. I was taking my normal route to the train station with the normal group of girls. We were discussing what we would do if we were attacked by people throwing eggs or water balloons. One girl said that there was no reason to run off screaming as all the boys or girls were wanting was a reaction and if we didn’t give one then nothing would happen. As we had just turned the corner in the alleyway to get to the station, three boys appeared in hooded jumpers with their hands behind their back. Everyone ran off screaming, including the girl who said that all they wanted was a reaction. Two boys chased some of the girls that ran one way, and one of them stayed to throw eggs at the girls who hid. I was so frightened by all of this that I after a few moments I realized I was still standing there, frozen by the fear. At any moment that big year 12 could have pelted eggs at the little year 8 in her tie up shoes and hair pulled back in a tight pony tail. I stared at him, he stared at me. Obviously the big year 12 boy had a heart and decided to walk away with his hands and pockets full of eggs.

I wish the year 12’s good luck during their examination time, and good luck to everyone else who’s exams don’t really count (unless their doing a 3/4) but have to do well in them regardless.

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kay gee said...

every egg that was thrown at me this week missed by inches.
the feeling was the best. especially when it hits the random infront of you at the atm.

but '10 will really be the best no denying it.