Sunday, April 26, 2009

Like Humans Do

It was sometime after 2am and once again I found myself at Balwyn McDonalds eating fries out of someone else’s bag. I was sitting at one of the benches surrounded by males as all my girlfriends had ditched for other reasons. “What’s with your jacket? And why are you wearing a beret? You always wear the strangest clothes.” said the boy to my left. My face turned to him and reeled off a reason to as why my jacket was not strange but awesome and that for $4 it’s better than any buy than anyone else at the bench. I was then informed by boy opposite who explained how he had stolen his jacket from someone, thus beating me. But the boy to my left kept talking about my fashion sense, listing numerous clothing items and then I had to explain the reason as to why I thought they were cool. For some reason I liked it. I liked knowing that someone thought what I was wearing was that unusual that they had to bring it up in conversation. Standing out in a crowd, wearing something a little bit different to the person walking down the street opposite you, everyone wants to feel a sense of individuality.

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