Thursday, May 14, 2009

Will you come with me, for fellowship?

"One of my good friends lost her house and all of her belongings in the black Saturday bushfires on the 7th of February. Exactly 3 months to the day, someone broke into the house that there were temporarily staying in and stole things they had either saved or just recently replaced. But this girl really is amazing. I can't believe how she sat here next to me with a smile on her face and comfort me while I chucked a fit over the fact that I didn’t bring my A Man for All Seasons play to my English SAC.
Every time something goes wrong in my life or I feel in the dumps, I just think of how strong she is and how she’s still able to live her life joyfully even after she lost everything.
I know you’re not going to read this, but girl, I love you and I cherish our friendship immensely"
-Written during English SAC

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