Monday, June 15, 2009

Go Ahead and Build it Up Again

It was the first time I had gone to an art class in about two weeks and I was not in the mood to do anything. As usual, it meant I raided the textile room for magazines that I can source “inspiration” from, when really all I do is look at the pretty pictures and read the articles. Today I was fortunate to pull out edition #12 of Frankie, which was published in August/September ’06. While flipping through this ancient magazine I came across this section where writers tell all about the life advice that their parents had given them as a child. It was this section of a Mia Timpano’s article where I laughed out loud and accidentally drew unwanted attention to myself during class.

There is actually a deeper problem with dad’s advice... For most people, the Y2K was a non-event. Not for dad. The Y2K sent him into a bizarre meltdown, screaming at my mother to go out and buy 20 liters of long-life milk right now. Why milk? Why 20 liters? What great and sudden need would there be for milk? My brother is lactose intolerant. Before or after the stroke of midnight, he’s not going to drink it. Seriously, he can’t shit. It’s been a problem since infancy. He’s been drinking soy for 15 years.”

Sometimes I’m glad I have boring parents.

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