Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hidden in the Colors of a Million Other Lost Charades

For anyone looking for something that isn't mass produced and worn on by every 14 year old girl, Urban Project is the shop for you. Located on the ground floor of Melbourne Central (down the alleyway next to sports girl) this little shop gave me shivers when I walked in. With dozens of t-shirt designs, to pairs of jeans, vintage leather jackets and numerous dresses, (and a 30% discount for students) the designer and owner of the shop, Josua Andreas, is somewhat amazing. The lady serving me noticed how interested I was and offered to give me Josua's mobile number so that I could personally call up and talk to him. I've now had his mobile for over a month, but I'm too scared to call! I've promised myself that over these holidays I'll conger up the courage to give him a buzz.

The last picture is the formal dress that I am wearing tomorrow night, but in black and without the goggles. Still have no idea what I'm doing with my hair, make up or nails but I’m definitely excited to wear my dress and my 5inch Sachi heels. I just hope that I turn a lighter shade of brown/orange soon.

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kg said...

would love to see how the dress looked on! looks beautiful!
hope you had a lovely time and the tan worked out ;)