Monday, June 1, 2009

It Appears Just Right, I Feel So Excited

"Question 12. Bella has recently fallen in love with the new boy at school. Whenever she is near him, she feels butterflies in her stomach and heart palpitations and just the thought of him makes her feel ecstatic. These symptoms are caused by reactions in the _______ branch of the ______."

Whilst going though one of the many practice exams our psychology teacher has given us, my friend started making odd noises. You know those noises that an old lady makes when she sees a new born child? This girl, might I add, is given death stares in her Literature class because she doesn’t think the relationship between Mr. Knightly and Emma is "the most amazingly romantic relationship of all time." She grabbed my arm and told me to read the question, and while doing so that same odd noise escaped my mouth. It really was the cutest exam question I had ever come across in my life.


At the end of the school day I was sitting at Canterbury station waiting for my train to arrive. Usually when I catch this train I usually have a short encounter with one of my male friends which involves him walking past my train carriage and me running to the door to give him a quick hug before the doors crush me. After thinking about the weekend events that had just passed, and then thinking about the chance of seeing him today, I could feel my heart beating inside my chest at an unusually fast speed. I don't know why I was feeling so anxious but it's got me thinking, how do you really know you like someone? If they ask me that in my psychology exam, I’m sure to fail.

Answer: sympathetic; autonomic nervous system

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matilda said...

cutest post award.

good luck with the boy.

xx matilda