Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Go Out and Smash It

It was one of those nights out where I knew that half the people at the party would rock up wearing black leather jackets, which meant that I (obviously) had to find an alternative form of outwear. During my usual draining Friday classes, I mentally chose my nights outfit in my head; black shiny tights, vintage oversized white t-shirt with a Russian vodka logo and boots of some kind. That night, I put on my tights and shirt and went to my cupboard to scout out what other coats or jackets I could wear that matched my outfit. Hanging up on the highest railing was this plain black Roxy blazer that my aunty had bought for me years and years ago. I only have one recollection of ever wearing that blazer and the entire time I wore it I spent pulling at my sleeves so the puffy shoulders weren’t so large. So I grabbed my old Roxy piece and chucked it on and examined myself in the mirror and was extremely surprised at how good it looked. Its black and simple yet it can dress up any daggy old t-shirt. I donned my old motorcycle boots and clomped out my door to have a sweet night, looking good and feeling great.

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