Monday, August 24, 2009

The Things that go Bump in the Night

There are creatures in your head. They’re feasting on your thought. Like mosquitoes, they fill the holes in with venom. Soon enough the venom takes over and everything hurts. Thoughts you had pushed away come flooding into your consciousness and turn your head into a black cloud. You can’t see through the fog and even with a light, it’s just too dangerous. You’ve got two options here. 1. Sit and wait. Hope that the fog clears and it won’t be so scary anymore. Or option 2. Get up and run into that black cloud. You don’t know where it leads to, but there’s no point sitting around waiting to be saved. It might be dangerous, but there’s a possibility that you might get out.
So, what do you choose?


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Eugene Plotnikov said...

This is great. Your blog is very inspiring! Do you know the name of this artist?