Sunday, October 25, 2009

Drop It, It's Dead

It's that day when you're doing practice exams whilst basking in the rays of the sun when you realize that your mother is opening the windows of the house. This wouldn't ultimately be a bad thing if you hadn't spent the past couple of nights filling your window sill with cigarette butts. I ran to my bedroom and was relieved to find the yellowing butts still squished yet totally exposed to whoever would look. Of course I then hid them, and although I was totally terrified for the whole day, mum did not say a word.

Another time I arrived home at 8am because (to my horror) I had been locked out when I snuck out. Thankfully both my parents had already left for work so all that was required of me was to convince my younger brother that I had merely gone out for a morning stroll. My brother later informed me whist eating my breakfast that he was woken up sometime around 1am by my yelling father who blamed him for leaving the front screen door unlocked...even though the keys next to that front screen door had a Tiffany’s love heart key ring attached to it. It's times like these where I wonder if my parents are really oblivious to all these happenings ("Why do you smell like smoke?"
"[Alternating friends name] has an outdoor fireplace and I was sitting next to it all night.") Or they choose to turn a blind eye to it.



jess said...

hahahahahaha story of my life, i seriously don't know if my parents are completely clueless or don't care anymore

haha still don't want to break the calm by being too obvious

Eugene Plotnikov said...

That would make a very good context essay.

Margaret said...

hahaaha yeah it's hard to say isn't it..

alex said...

i smoke a fair bit and my parents are still oblivious.... i think it's inevitable that they'll find out though, they always do

Margaret said...

Okay after smoking on and off and not very often for the past 5 years, and I'm in yr 12, mum found out two days ago and I thought immediately back to this blog post, so yeah basically I think they really don't know

Mum found an empty deck in my yet to be disposed of rubbish bag under my bed, which had been ripped upon to retrieve the last few cigarettes that I had initially decided to throw out because I was entering another phase where I didn't smoke for two weeks at least, and then she found a teacup full of ashes so yeah... they really have no clue

She was upset so that's another pointer that they just have no idea

Point of this ramble: be careful!