Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Where is My Mind?

As the days left of school can be counted on one hand, the excitement of leaving school is dramatically increasing. I sit though classes giggling and drawing all over my friends hand and mine like we were back in 7th grade. We lie in the sun (when it’s not overcast and windy) and pretend we’re studying for our upcoming exams. A congregation occurs every time somone even mentions the word muck-up day and girls are seen only wearing their Year 12 rugby jumpers with the unusual navy blue patch sewn to the underarm. These final days of being a Strathcona girl are a little bit sad and frightening, but never have I felt so ready to move into a free life filled with new adventures. And although to my teacher’s horror, I’m fairly sure that in these last couple of days I will be assembling my sailor’s costume. Proritizing and time management are key factors in producing a great costume, exams are still a couple of weeks off.


earthling said...

I feel exactly the same

matilda said...

jealous. i've got a whole nother year! good luck yr 12's :)