Wednesday, February 3, 2010

England's Dreamland

I have a dilemma. In four weeks my mother is going to England for work, and in four weeks I have orientation week at University. I have been offered the chance to go to England with her, free of charge, or I could join groups and drink copious amounts of alcohol with potentially new class mates. As my mother is going over for business, I will have a lot of spare time in which I can explore London at my own will.

So my options are; Roam the English continent on my own OR introduce myself to the many random faces attending my institution.

What do I do? Please, would you give me your opinion?


matilda said...

oh england for sure
and then after o week you can be the mysterious new girl.

Catherine said...


the guilty hyena said...

Yes the Mysterious girl who had a good time visiting England, sounds good to me! =]

MT Days & Nights said...

Pretty pictures!

Eugene Plotnikov said...

Uni. If it's RMIT we can hang out. You have your whole life to go over seas.