Saturday, April 24, 2010

Grandma's closet

At the moment I’ve been obsessed with hand writing letters to friends as a form of procrastination. Its working wonders, so far, as I haven’t handed in a single piece in yet and I’m miles behind on my readings. It may come down to the fact that I’m just not motivated to do any work outside of the lecture theatres and tutorials, or it could just be the horrible choice of subjects. Honestly, who chooses a unit called “An Introduction to Painting and Drawing” when trying to draw a three dimensional cylinder (with shading) almost reduces them to tears.

I was beginning to think how much fun it would be if I could use a typewriter to type my friend’s letters, and I knew that my mother had one as a child. So I went and visited my grandfather and started rummaging through all the cupboards in his house trying to find this damned typewriter. While I was browsing through all the rooms, my mother was going through her old wardrobe and all clothes that she owned. So I abandoned my quest and started going through her clothes too. So instead of coming home with a typewriter (we couldn't find it anyway) I came home with 3 pairs of acid wash jeans, a couple of blazers, jackets and this amazing fur coat that belonged to my grandmother.

I’ll have to continue hand writing my letters for the while, but I’ll get myself a type writer sooner or later.


CL, said...

i love long handwritten letters, they're the best :) what amazing finds, i love polaroids! enjoy the long weekend ♥

Anonymous said...

letters are the best!
great finds

Emma said...

seriously love that girls coat.

great blog :)

Anonymous said...

TAHNKS FOR YOUR SHARING~~~VERY NICE.................................................

MOLLYKT said...

you're so lucky, when my mum told me she'd thrown out all of her old clothes i nearly cried!
and i love writing letters too :)