Sunday, November 7, 2010

Her Name is Love

A black rose blooms through a dawning sun,
Her name, so silent, whispers love
The herald of freedom, hope and peace
A new world rising, tranquil, free

She is love, and she is free, Her name is solidarity
A black rose blooms through a dawning sun
Her name, my love, is Anarchy

Her warm embrace, the kiss of peace
To find the lonely, lost and hopeless
A black rose blooms through a dawning sun
A day of love to set us free

She finds the Rebel, distraught and tired
Lost in a sea of pain and liars
She finds the Rebel, distraught and tired
Her name, my love, is Anarchy

She is love, and she is free, Her name is solidarity
A black rose blooms on a dawning sun
Her name, of hope, is Anarchy

She feels them all in a world of hate
She find them all in a state of pain
She finds them all and sets them free
Her name, my love, is Anarchy

A black rose blooms through a dawning sun,
The State collapsed from guilt and blood
The herald of peace and hope and love
Her name, so free, is Anarchy

She is love, and she is free,
Her name, my Rebel, is Solidarity
She’ll find them all, the exploited and pained
She’ll find them all, and set them free
For she is love, and she is free
Her name, of peace, is Anarchy

They’ll stand as one, her daughters and sons
They’ll stand as one, united by love
They’ll stand as one, and set them free
Crying out her name, Anarchy

-Tom Greenwell


adrian wing said...

This is accually a pretty nice poem.

Words Doctorate said...

Awesome poem

Words Doctorate

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