Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Must be funny in the rich man's world

”When will we stop worrying about money? The moment before we die? Just as we are about to take our last breath, will we be overtaken by a sudden wave of relief that we had enough? Enough money for what? And we're all worried about money. No matter how rich or poor we are…Worry if you want. But it will do stuff-all. People are gripped by fear and driven by insecurity. How much can we do about the global economic crisis? Regretting spending those thousands on last year's overseas trip, new car or renovation is pointless. Times are tough. But they could be tougher. And there'll always be someone doing it easier than you. And tougher than you. And guess what? The tables turn when you least expect it...Learn what's important. Sounds trite I know, but during this rough stuff we can't just think, "I'll wait until everything's happy and then I'll have fun and live in the moment". You might not be able to afford a holiday, but you can afford a picnic. Times may be tough, but we're still alive.”
-Catherine Deveny. The Age. 29/10/08

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