Sunday, November 2, 2008

When you worry you make it double.

When a tall, red faced, worried looking man wearing glasses came to ask me weather I knew where the closest pay-telephone is, my initial thought was ‘He just needs to call someone.’ When he explained that he needed to know just incase a nuclear war broke out, I thought he was joking. As someone else tried to explain to the man that there were pay phones downstairs, I watched him. I have never in my life seen someone as scared looking as he did, and about a nuclear war too. I always believed that I was constantly worried and scared about something, and this man was scared about something I had never been afraid of. Because, really, who would be bothered going out of their way to attack a city so far away from any other country, excluding New Zealand, as Melbourne barely is important in the functioning of the world. I loose sleep thinking about weather I’ll do well on a test/exam, weather what I said was actually funny or they were just laughing sympathetically, and weather or not all the rowing and fitness training will give me the beach body I would really like. How is this man able to sleep or even function properly in his normal day-to-day life when he is constantly worrying about a nuclear war? And if one did happen to break out, who would he call on the phone?
I would really like to sit down and talk with this man. He seemed fascinating.

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