Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I put some new shoes on and everybody's smiling

A perfectly trimmed dark brown bob, bouncing with each step, glistening in the sunlight. Underneath the straight cut fringe, two bright blue eyes and perfectly shaped eyebrows peak out. Pinned striped cream shirt tucked into a knee length skirt with a large black belt. The natural colour of the skinny long legs are disguised with a pair of tanned coloured stocking that fit themselves inside a bright white pair of New Balance runners. In that lovely large bag of hers is, undoubtedly, a nice pair of heels that she will slip on her feet just as she is about to leave the train or when she arrives at her office desk.

Every time I see a nicely dressed woman heading off or heading home from work with a pair of runners on her feet, I cringe. In my books it is ranked almost as high as wearing socks and sandals. There is just something about wearing a suit and runners that really is just not right. Why bother wearing a suit in the first place? If you want to be comfortable on your train ride, why not deck yourself out in a matching tracksuit combination?

I am aware that some people have to walk a fair while to get catch public transport and wearing heels would kill your feet, but there is always something better than the new range of Adidas runners. A nice comfortable pair of flats to get you to and from the office, they’re not that difficult to find. They probably take up less space in a handbag then runners do as well.

Stay in the heels or stay off the runners.


Don't Be A Hero said...

thanks for your lovely comment!

wish said...

its not a good look


i could not agree with you more, even the sight of runners on a runner makes me cringe, but when runners are paired with a formal wear/ business wear/ any wear it is just... unspeakable.