Sunday, February 1, 2009

Spend the whole night dancing

The stars were visible on that warm Friday night that just past. My friend and I headed down to the beach in Anglesea to walk around on the sand and splash in the tide. We could hardly see the sand or water in front of us as the only light that was visible was coming from above the cliff. After a few minutes of walking I turned around and realized that with every step we took, where our foot had briefly landed, would light up like stars. The only reasonable explanation we could come up with was that they were sand worms. But why they lit up when we set foot on them was a mystery. We ran along the beach, jumping and spinning to see the trail of stars we had left behind. It felt as if we were walking on the night sky that was blazing above us. The sensation was absolutely un-real.
It’s moments like those where you don’t expect nature to be explained, you just want to soak in every second of enjoyment.


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