Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm no longer an ordinary man

On occasion I have bought male clothing because I find that they always happen to have these amazing designs that you never see on any female clothing. Before Christmas I made a purchase (pictured bellow) that I love. This Sushi Radio singlet top is one of a collection. Only 40 are made and distributed to boutique shops around Melbourne. When I saw this singlet it automatically made me feel like it had to hang nicely on a clothes hanger inside my over crowded wardrobe. The text “Be Somebody” written on the bottom of the shirt makes me think every time I see it and put it on. Personally I don’t take it to mean to become someone famous or well known. It makes me think about my "ideal" self. The girl I want to be. I see her sometimes, she scares and surprises those around her and herself. She loves when it happens.
Why I can't convince her to stay is still a mystery and will be solved sometime in the future.

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Rikki Lane said...

That shirt is amazing! I love buying from the boys/mens sections too.

And awww! Thank you so much for the blog comment!
And yes you can borrow my shoes anytime :D