Friday, April 17, 2009

A winter's chafe

I’ve forked out a fair bit of money these holidays to make myself happy through the form of retail therapy. I never really thought that buying clothes could really make someone that incredibly happy, but when I splurged on a new Pepe Jeans jacket, Tony Bianco shoes and a Quirky Circus top, my own mother commented how she hadn’t seen me so excited in a long time. I really was overjoyed about these purchases and because I went shopping on my own I never once had to ask anyone for an opinion to persuade me not to buy it. And I’ve tried ever so hard to find a picture online of my beautiful, navy blue, cropped, gold double buttoned Pepe jacket but no luck. Nor could I find the cute cream and black striped top but I did find the shoes, although they’re nothing special.

The other day I also came across this black knitwear sweater with all these cut outs that reminded me of this Alexander Wang sweater that Rumi is pictured wearing. It was so differnt to any other sweater I had ever seen that I just had to convice mother to buy it for me. And along with my new found love of my mothers black French beret, I feel like I’m going to look like a perisian all autumn/winter long.

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