Thursday, July 9, 2009

I May be Lonely But I’m never Alone

“There’s only one star in the sky,” my mother said to me as we cruised along Burke rd. I took my eyes off the road and stared at the big blanket of black sky above horizon. There was only one star. “Maybe is cloudy?” but even in the dark you could see that there was no clouds. I continued to stare into the sky, confused. “What about over there? To the right of me” I gestured my head to the right, then realized I was swerving into the on-comming lane. “Just keep your eyes on the road. Plus that was only a street light.” I laughed at how stupid my mother thought I must be. “No! Over there. In the sky…Oh, it’s only a plane.”
This star was alone in the entire sky. Not even the moon accompanied it this night. Yet even though the sky looks bare, I know that there are more burning heaps of gases not too far away.

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