Thursday, July 9, 2009

It Makes me Shiver to the Bone

Facebook status: [Insert certain girls’ name here] HAS STARTED THE PUNK PHASE OF HER LIFE, DOC MARTINS, RIPPED PANTS, NOSE RING SOON!

Can a person really just announce that they’ve decided to change society groups? Is it really that easy to don a pair of Doc Martins and consider yourself a true punk rocker. Or maybe cutting a hole in a pair of jeans makes someone look a little more roughed up, like they’ve been living the hard life.

The whole labels faze is always apparent. Maybe not as obvious as in those American movies that we all adore, but there is a big white sticker plastered across our foreheads that we cant see, because an individual is unable to decipher what everyone else sees. You may purposely tease your blond hair to look as though you’ve just rolled out of bed , stomp around in pair of brand spanking new doc martins, pierce your nose (much to your mothers disgust) and look at the picture of Courtney Love that you have blu-tacked to your mirror, but you cant label yourself. Labels are in the eye of the public.

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