Monday, October 26, 2009

Not Enough

My mother is feeding me more than ever. The stress sets in and the chocolate covered goji berries (sitting in one of the three containers of snacks she has places on my desk) just keep finding my mouth.
Good bye summer body!



earthling said...

i feel like i'm a stress eater. i bought a packet of strawberry liquorice and devoured it before night.

Emily said...

ahh that plate is so creepy!!! haha :) i looked through some of your past posts -- really awesome photos!! keep it up!!

Fee. said...

oh gosh me too!! yesterday my mum put a bag of raw dates in my desk....... let's just say they're no longer with us. i think i can kiss my bikini bod goodbye! xxx
ps good luck with exams :)

Lori said...

these plates are so creepy but i love them

Jyun said...

Eat meeee!