Sunday, November 1, 2009

We Got No Principles

With my final high school exams already underway, it feels slightly odd that I’m not that nervous. Way back in year 9 when we had our first lot of exams, I was petrified. So much so that I spent the morning of my English exam sitting next to my parents alcohol cabinet taking swigs out whichever bottles I could get my hands on. I took a liking to Johnny Walker, and over the course of the three exams I had to endure, I polished off most of the bottle. So, not only was my first real drinking experience alone (which isn’t that uncommon these days), I was freaking out that I was going to be drunk for my English exam. That didn’t prove to be half the worry as when I rocked up to school 2 hours after the Exam has started because I’d misread the timetable. Eventually I stopped having pre drinks before a every exam and never again have I turned up 2 hours late.
Still, to this day, the smell of whisky makes me feel ill.

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sluzza said...

3 weeks until schoolies